Monday, 22 November 2010

dennis severs' house

This wonderful Georgian Terrace house near Spitalfields Market, was owned and created by American Dennis Severs, who lived in the house until his death in 1999. He created it as a 'still-life drama', an installation, where one can enter, as if stepping through a painting, into the imaginary world of Mr & Mrs Jervis. In the dining room the table is set as though they have just finished dinner and wandered off to another room. You are aware of the chattering and daily life, but it's some way in the distance and you can't quite touch it.

At Christmas the house opens up to a magical tour (available 21st nov - 6th jan).
A special 'silent' tour is also available with champagne around the fireside to finish.

Thanks for the link Mrs H x

dennis severs house


  1. Hi Mrs Cheese,

    Ive seen this house on television, isnt it wonderful!

  2. I really need to visit. It looks amazing doesn't it?

  3. I've been in it - it is spookily cool!

  4. It looks so atmospheric. Have passed details onto Mr Cheese and am hoping he takes the hint.......