Friday, 17 September 2010

no pixies

On a dog walk up at 'Doggy' woods (mmmm apparently it gets quite fruity up there when it's dusk) we stumbled upon these beautiful toadstools. I like to call them pixie toadstools but Mrs Bragg being the sciencey one informs me they're Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric. They were just missing a teeny little chap with a pointed hat sitting on them. Just beautiful.


  1. And, according to Ms Salamon (who is very blog-shy), they're known as magic mushrooms in Finland and shamen used to feed them to the reindeer and have the most amazing trips. Legend has it that the fellas wore red outfits with white detail and flew round the sky pulled by whacked out reindeer......Santa???
    Thanks for that nugget, is this what you do on a crappy journey into work? Googletastic xxx

  2. They were so beautiful, I just had to whip up a quick pasta sauce with them for the kids.
    Now I don't know what E-numbers they put in apple juice these days but the kids are behaving very badly right now. Get off the light fittings you two!! No you can't walk to the petrol station to get a Mars Bar........