Wednesday, 25 August 2010

old london town

Mr Cheese and I had a night out in London (courtesy of C&M and their lovely flat and nana babysitting). We felt like real tourists and finished the weekend off with a visit to Columbia Road and Brick Lane. Ah the cockerney banter, luverly bit of geranium fer a fiver...........


  1. I luv a bit of geranium I do! and a bit of lav luv! Sounds fab, very My Fair Lady- 'Who will buy my sweet red roses, 2 blooms for a penny' - or was that Oliver Twist? Luvley cockney sparra's the lot of 'em. Hope you got some how's your father up the apple and pears, and that everything is going well. Lots of love from ex-sparra, now pasty. xxxx

  2. We 'ad a few Brittany Spears down the old rub-a-dub....followed by a ruby murray. Lovely jubbly x

  3. My favourite one was (in best Tommy Steele accent) "come on ladies, all these for only a fiver. I've booked 2 days in Barbados and i'm savin' up fer 3".