Wednesday, 30 June 2010

tHaNk yOu ♥ mrs hutchinson & ms duce

This made me cry when Mrs H sent it to me (and I didn't stop for a long time). Thanks for running in Trent Park the other weekend and helping to raise money to fight this horrid disease.
A big thank you to Ms Duce too, who ran the Race for Life up in Durham a couple of weekends ago.
I applaud you both, you're fab xxxx


  1. Didn't mean to make you cry, sorry, I just hope it gave you a little bit more strength to carry on and remember that we are all routing for you Mrs Cheese, hang on in there, we applaud you xxxx

  2. oh lovely lovely cheese, i've just welled up and blubbed in a cafe in Cody full of Americans!, just catching up on your journey, you poor thing, it sounds like one hell of a ride right now..., be strong and as Clodders said we're all routing for you :) sending you much love and lavender it would make me gag!

    love you so very much Katy xxxx

  3. Oh you two lovelies are sweet. Plenty of kleenex have been used. Big blue chair time again tomorrow! LAST ONE!!!!! x x x x x x