Sunday, 13 June 2010

chemo - part 5

I'm off for another dose of the toxic stuff tomorrow. I'm hoping that they will go ahead with the treatment BUT there is a chance that they will delay it as I was so poorly with the last lot. I just want to get on with it and scratch it off the list.......... I'm eating a large bar of choc as I'm sure it'll boost my white blood cells (I'll just check with nurse Cheese). She and her nursing assistant Mr Cheese will be taking me to Mount Vernon tomorrow (giving my lovely husband a well-deserved break from it all) He ended up taking our large haired eldest to hospital on friday night with an asthma attack, poor boy. After a nebuliser, antibiotics and steroids he's fine and even managed to play in a football tournament today (they lost). I'll be introducing the lovely middle cheesies to the Big Blue Chair and maybe we'll go to the tuck and charity shops.
Thanks Mrs Littler for the mags and the orange fizzy energy (you are lovely).
Bye guys and see you in a day or two xxx

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  1. Really hope all is well. Up to the smoke tomorrow, sorry to miss you, catch up next time. Look after yourself - you're doing soooooo well! xxxx