Sunday, 20 June 2010

another scary day

I've had another really scary time in hospital. I woke up at 4 with terrifying pains in my chest and didn't know what to do. Having two sleeping children in their beds I didn't phone the emergency but waited till they were up and got to Hemel Hospital, where they examined me and gave me an ecg. My poor kids were once again left looking scared as I was then transferred to Watford General. We are so grateful to Mr & Mrs Twelftree who came to our rescue. Thank you so much we really really appreciate (and a MASSIVE thank you you Mr T who came to pick them up from Watford and let them spend his Father's Day morning with him eating his choc (but not his jam) XXXXXXX)
I was given two more ecg's at Watford and put in a side room with suspected neutropenia. Again the battle to get blood out of me began. It was a hideous and painful ordeal. They ended up taking it out of my groin after my veins gave up (even my arteries gave up!!!). Following a chest x-ray and a nebuliser they then suspected I had a clot on my lung....... BEAM ME UP!!!! I spent nearly 8 hours lying in room listening to the wailing moans of an elderly gentleman who'd had enough and wanted out......I could quite happily have joined his screaming.
They discharged me last night with bad chest pains (probably down to the taxotere) So there goes another terrifying ordeal. Can't wait till the next treatment!!!!!!


  1. Mrs Cheese....what a nightmare. You must remember to call if you need ANYTHING! Even at 4am you plum. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks lovely. Think 4am is too early for me to call anyone! But thank you for being kind. xxxx

  3. Stop saying thankyou now... sleep well tonight my Welsh you. Twelly x