Wednesday, 30 June 2010

the ex-brown room

We inherited a horrid brown room when we moved in. Dark brown gloss woodwork and coffee coloured walls (yeuch!!!). We've had it redecorated and it's now lovely and calm. I just don't know what to do with all of the surplus 'stuff' that's come out of there. Where do I put it all??????? Am enjoying the loveliness of it all until it gets shoehorned back in.............


  1. Can't believe you got rid of our room, and before we'd even occupied it! It looks lovely, you've done a beautiful job, but you are going to miss the cappucino look, in a few years it'll be back in and you'll be redecorating! Hope you have some lovely calm time in your lovely calm room. Lots of love The Browns xxxx

  2. Not sure that Farrow and Ball's paint range includes Nescafe or Poo in it's brown section. Yep it was that bad.
    We still call it the Brown room (obviously in honour of your lovely family). You are welcome any time xxxx

  3. Glad to see the little cabinet has been put to good use. Your photos are so lovely. miss you and still need you to let me know when I can come and visit you with goodies.

  4. At this moment this room has lego, connect 4, pencils and paper all over the floor. Bless those cheelets. The minimalist life doesn't work with kids........... and I like it that way.
    Karin, give it a couple of weeks and pop over to the house of cheese. Look forward to seeing you.