Thursday, 22 April 2010

Welcome to the sticks

or Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. I went to The Rex last night to watch this wonderfully funny french film. I've seen it twice now and laughed hard both times. If you get the chance to see it (especially at The Rex with your glass of wine in a comfy red velvet seat) go, you'll love it.
Ps I think I have a crush on Dany Boon (Mrs Lewis, what do you think?) Another page for our calendar?
The Guardian review


  1. Ummmmm, not sure...? Have always thought he has a weird hairline. Bizrarre, I know, but it bothers me... Definitely has a twinkle though... You're the poorly one, so your call. Who have we got so far? SD, EI and PG? Oh, chuck him in. xxx

  2. Great, he can be Mr March! Any suggestions for other months anyone? x