Friday, 30 April 2010


I had an appointment at St Albans to see the Macmillan Breast Care nurse friday morning. Marion is so lovely and calm and reassuring. I've been through such a lot of pain with my wound this week and she has been so kind. I left feeling exhausted but wound is clean and dressed.
I've spent the day sleeping and fending off sickness. Felt quite awful really. Was sick only once last night but feel terribly sick and am struggling to stop it. My face is bright red again, which I think is some weird reaction.
I introduced Ian, one of the lovely chemo nurses, to my blog yesterday. Well done for reading most of it Ian, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm glad I get to see you for my next session but will be sad to see you go. Thanks for being kind and making the day go with a laugh and a smile.

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  1. Hello Mrs Cheese, I've been reading your blog for a while but don't knw how I missed this ... Just glimpsed a reference in your About Me. I hope you're well and making a compete recovery ... Feel bad I've never mentioned this before ... I lve your blog and your crafty things and always look forward to a new post.

    Love from Claire xxx