Saturday, 24 April 2010

race for life

A few of you wonderful ladies have said you're doing the Race for Life in St Albans. I'm putting the link here for those of you who'd like to register.
Mrs Mills is registering a number of you but I know there are other ladies who'd like to do this too. My fluffy youngest is desperate to run (or walk and chat) and I shall be at the finish line for all of you. Bring a picnic and let's have a blast. Thanks girls, it means so much x
race for life/st albans


  1. ... you know i'd run it if i were there!


  2. Bless you, you lovely man. Obviously I would too, but am smugly going to cheer from the line (whilst eating a bacon sarnie) x

  3. Hello lovely.. hope you are having a better day today. I am getting the M&S contingent to run too - will keep you posted as to how many of us there are but there will be lots of pink and packets of Percy pigs for the picnic after!
    Love you