Thursday, 11 March 2010

The onion

I'm off to visit the 'chemo suite' at Mount Vernon this morning. I think it's so that I'll feel comfortable when the treatment starts on Monday. I'm REALLY REALLY scared about what's coming.
An awful feeling knowing that you'll willing take an armful of toxic poison to make you feel better is something I can't get my head around. I know I'll feel crap, but just how crap????

We went to the hospital for our tour and it was very informative. I felt close to tears as we walked into the room as it was a feeling of inevitability. This will be my life for the next few months. The chemo suite is brand spanking new and has comfy chairs and beds. When I go on Monday it will be an all day appointment. I'll have bloods taken first, followed by a consultation with the oncologist, then they'll make up my chemotherapy cocktail for me.

I had my blood taken and as usual my veins disappeared when the needle went anywhere near my arm. After two failed attempts, they brought in the expert blood removal man** THANK GOD! I'm now nursing a few bruises. I also had an ECG today and I'm still ticking.

There's a question mark hanging over Monday. One of my scars has not healed!!!!!! I'll see the consultant on Monday and he will make the decision as to whether I can have chemo or not. This is so frustrating as I just want to get on with it.

Wish me luck x

** male nurse with brightly coloured torniquet NOT a vampire!


  1. No one knows Mrs C, no one knows. Everything crossed for you to be ok, and the side effects are minimal. Look at it as the start of the cure. This stuff will make you better. Thinking of you. xxxxxxx

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  3. Luck x 1,000,000,000,000,00000000000000000
    winging it's way to you. All will be well.

  4. Thinking of you...From Sarah, Sam, and Emma aswell..we will all be thinking of you at this brave..


  5. good luck Mrs Cheese, thinking of you lots of love xxxx

  6. As the lovely little miss cheese said "you'll be ok because we love you" and its true xx

  7. hello gorgeous :)
    glad you liked mount vernon we thought it looked very clean and nice when we went along before we left. we're sending you lashings of loves and think of this as a start to a're otheriwse temple like body will just be slightly graffittied for a while. wish i was there to help you through this but i feel happy knowing that you have a fabulous nery network there with you. hope it goes ok love you xxxxxxxxxxx