Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lovely people

A huge thank you to all you lovely people for your kind words and lovely food.

Mrs Twelftree - for the mounds of magazines, they helped take my mind off things on monday x
Mrs Hunt - thank you for the lovely quiche. Mr Cheese had his regulation 2 portions x
Mrs Ineson - wonderful cookies. A massive thank you from the cheeselets (and as tasty as Tim's too) x
Mari the cake - Another wonderful creation of banana and chocolate. Mr Cheese can't wait to get his teeth into it x
Mrs Mills - for the wonderful relaxing spray and beautiful biscuits. Just lovely x
Mrs & Ms Russell - thank you both for your lovely cakes, fudge and magazines. Very very thoughtful of you x
Mme Ray - for my breakfast. Looking forward to the continental style x
** Oh and Mrs Littler - for the loan of her freezer to store the delicious spag bol that's coming my way when I'm up to eating solids again. And for the emergency grapes & lucozade! Thanks sweetheart x

And last but not least
Mr & Mrs Swinson - Oh how we miss you all. Can we move back?
Thank you both for filling our freezer with the most delicious food. It all looks amazing. Thank you (photos to follow..............)


  1. Another huge thank you to Mrs Twelftree for dashing over and hoovering and polishing my sitting room. You are a marvel and much better than that other awful woman who once cleaned for me. Frightful old bint!
    Thanks Twelly xxxxxx

  2. Here here...... or is it hear hear. Whatever, many thanks from ol' 2 portions.
    You are all magic.

  3. Mr Swinson's marvellous cottage pie was manna from heaven. It was the first meal after the week of hell. Thank you Mr S it was sooooooooo lovely!