Thursday, 11 March 2010

I love this

Do you think I could crochet one of these at the
'stitchin & b****in' evenings?
Isn't it fab?

ladies and gentlemen


  1. That is actually a midget standing on a doily...

  2. I could do that! I'm off to whittle me a crochet hook from a tree trunk, and find me some very woolly sheep. Love it! ch4, sl st to join, turn. ch3, 12 tbl cr into loop, sl st to join etc etc....

  3. Please send me the recipe. I don't think she used a crochet hook, just bare hands. I'm seeing a range of pouffs too! How many sheep do you think we need?

  4. Surely it's not PC to crochet a pouff?